Patient Reviews

My body endures a lot of wear and tear during the baseball season, as well as in the off season. Things tighten up or get a little out of place, and Dr. Gentry is able to adjust me and set me straight. Every time I have visited I have left feeling fixed and rejuvenated.
– Z. V. (Pitcher in the New York Yankees Organization

I was recently involved in a car accident and have been receiving treatment from Dr. Gentry at New Spine Chiropractic. Dr. Gentry takes a very comprehensive approach to assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. He begins with a complete history and thorough exam. He then tailors a treatment plan to address your specific needs. I would recommend Dr. Gentry to anyone.
-B. S.

I have been dealing with a L 4-5 disc bulge for over 2 years. I have tried countless therapies, some of which helped for a bit but the pain always came back. Since working with Dr. Gentry and the Flexion-Distraction Therapy there is a noticeable difference. It leaves me with longer periods of relief. I wish I would have tried the Flexion-Distraction Therapy sooner!
-A. V.

I was injured during a Cross-fit exercise. Went to see Dr. Gentry and he had me feeling so much better, even after one visit. I highly recommend him.
– J. T.

Dr. Gentry at New Spine Chiropractic took the time to listen to my concerns and symptoms and made me feel very comfortable both during and after treatment. He was conscientious, gentle and very knowledgeable. Since being under his care, I have experienced tremendous relief from chronic migraine headaches and my quality of life has improved dramatically. His office is clean, he treats promptly, making appointment times fast and easy. I highly recommend Dr. Gentry at New Spine Chiropractic, he has made all the difference for me.
– C. S.

I trained all over the world for Greco-Roman wrestling. My body took quite a beating.
Dr. Gentry is an amazing doctor and will give you personalized care. I destroy my body and he puts me back together again.
– C. D.