Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM)

IASTM is a treatment technique that is applied to the soft tissues of the body using a hand held metal, plastic, or wood tool. IASTM treatment is very effective for eliminating pain, scar tissue, adhesions, fibrosis, muscle spasm, and soft tissue/joint restrictions. After receiving an injury, the body does a quick fix by laying down scar tissue haphazardly over the injured area. This scar tissue is not properly aligned with the direction of the previously injured tissue, this can lead to a decrease in strength and a decrease in blood flow. Decreased blood flow robs the injured area of proper healing nutrients. This can lead to chronic pain, spasm, and decreased range of motion.

IASTM causes a mild inflammatory process (this is a good thing) that brings blood flow and certain cells that help clean up the injured area and get rid of debris and waste. IASTM can also break up scar tissue and re-align the collagen fibers with the direction of the muscle/tendon/ligament.