Manual/Massage Therapy

At NEW SPINE CHIROPRACTIC we use a wide variety of manual/massage therapy techniques in order to decrease pain, spasm, muscle tightness, trigger points, and to help patients RELAX! Did you know that massage therapy is a covered service under Oregon auto insurance policies?

Listed below are some of the techniques we use to benefit our patients:

– Pin and Stretch: This therapy involves having the patient actively and passively use certain muscle groups while the physician applies a direct force to a specific muscle in order to help it release tension, decrease spasm, decrease adhesions, and increase blood flow. Pin and stretch therapy is very effective for a wide variety of conditions such as sprains/strains, TMJ (jaw) pain, headaches, and chronically tight muscles.

– Ischemic Compression: This technique involves slowly applying pressure over painful trigger points in muscles. This pressure decreases blood flow momentarily to the injured/painful area. The pressure is then released and the muscle is stretched. This rapidly increases blood flow back into the area which helps flush out toxins/waste and brings in fresh nutrients with the increased blood flow. Research has shown this to be very effective for treatment of painful trigger points and muscle spasm. (Hanten, Olsen, Butts, & Nowicki, 2000)

– MassageTherapy: A nice massage can be very beneficial for a wide variety of patients. Some of the therapeutic effects of massage can be decreased muscle tightness, decreased pain, decreased stress levels, and increased blood flow. Treat yourself every once in a while and get a massage!