Auto Accidents

(The following information is not legal advice and should not be a substitute for speaking with a Personal Injury Attorney.)

Motor Vehicle Accidents, now more appropriately called Motor Vehicle Collisions, can cause long lasting health problems. New research has shown that even minor Motor Vehicle Collisions can produce injury and symptoms.  If you are involved in an auto accident make sure that you seek medical attention. Seek emergency medical attention immediately if needed. If emergent medical attention is not necessary schedule an appointment with Dr. Chase Gentry at NEW SPINE CHIROPRACTIC right away. It is important to have a detailed physical examination even if your accident was minor and at a low speed. Studies have shown that injuries to the soft tissues of your body (muscle, ligaments, and tendons) can occur, even at low speeds.

Auto accidents can be very unnerving.  They can be scary and confusing.  Often times, we don’t get the correct information regarding our claim and our health care benefits.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to read some frequently asked questions.

After having had a motor vehicle accident you must submit an accident and insurance report to DMV within 72 hours if the accident meets certain criteria. It is also important that you exchange information with the other driver, passengers, injured pedestrians, and bystanders who may serve as witnesses to the collision. Be sure to exchange: Name, address, drivers license #, license plate/vehicle information, and insurance information.

Reporting the Accident to the DMV – You can use the links below to help you with this process.

Oregon accident and insurance report form website:

Motor vehicle accident information exchange checklist website:

Criteria for submitting a motor vehicle accident report:

Oregon Laws regarding Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP) website:

Oregon Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will PIP cover Chiropractic care?
Yes.  Oregon state law requires that all vehicles be insured with PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage. This coverage provides payment for any health care services you receive as a result of a motor vehicle collision.  No referral is necessary with PIP and you do not need the authorization of your insurance company to seek Chiropractic treatment.  After an auto accident call Dr. Chase Gentry to set up an appointment, and he will help you on your road to recovery. He has additional training and experience with treating injuries sustained from automobile collisions.

Will PIP cover other Alternative care?
Yes.  PIP covers all health care, including chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, and physical therapy.  You are covered regardless of who is at fault and/ or regardless of the ultimate settlement for injuries received. Treatments such as massage therapy, physical therapy, and medical devices must be prescribed by your doctor.

How do I qualify for this PIP coverage?
If you are the driver or passenger in an automobile accident and you are injured, the insurance company must extend this coverage. The insurance company usually requires the completion of an application after the injuries occur. The insurance company will also investigate regarding the incident

Will my insurance company pay all of my medical bills?
Your insurance company is required to pay all of your medical expenses within the first year as long as the services are reasonable and related to the motor vehicle collision, up to your policy limit ($15,000 for most policies).

What happens if my medical expenses exceed my personal injury protection coverage?
If you have healthcare coverage, your healthcare insurance will usually pay any additional amount.

What if I am on my bicycle or a pedestrian?
Even if you are on a bicycle or pedestrian, your personal injury protection should pay your medical expenses if you are struck by a motor vehicle. If you do not have auto insurance and do not have health insurance, then the other driver’s insurance should pay your medical bills.

How much wage loss will my Personal Injury Protection insurance pay?
Often, your care provider may order you to be off of work due to injuries you sustained in the accident. Your PIP coverage provides wage loss coverage as well. You must be off of work for at least 14 days before the coverage is available. You can receive up to 70% of your normal pay, up to the limit of $1250 per month. In January of 2010, the PIP wage limit increased to $3000 per month.

Can the insurance company terminate my benefits/treatment before the year is up or the limits are exhausted?
Your insurance is required to pay your medical expenses within the first year which your care providers deem reasonable and related to the accident. We recommend consulting with an attorney if your insurance denies payment or terminates your treatment early.  Fortunately, Dr. Chase Gentry works with some of the best attorneys in the state and he can recommend them as necessary to provide you the peace of mind that you deserve. We are here to help you!